Temecula Wine Growers


The Temecula Wine Growers Association (TVWA), was searching for a creative way to generate qualified leads, increase ticket sales and effectively promote California Wine Month and two annual tasting events.


Ark Marketing leveraged the efficiency of Pandora audio and display channels to boost excitement around the events and generate advanced ticket sales through a promo code. The campaign targeted San Diego County, driving the message to the TVWA intended local audience.


At the end of the campaign Pandora delivered more results than any other media and increased overall ticket sales than in prior years.

• Almost 30,000 people were brought to the TVWA website to purchase tickets within a 10-week period.

• Tickets sales for California Wine Month increased three times from the year prior

• A 25% increase was experienced for their September Crush event.

• There was significant engagement as 65% of listeners used the promo code to register


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