Ion Torrent


Recommend and place media for the launch of an ad campaign targeting molecular biologists in the Boston, MA market that leveraged the national media buy to drive traffic to a specified website while increasing attendance at the world event in Boston.

 Campaign Strategy

Ark Marketing’s first step was to research and determine areas within Boston where the highest percentage of molecular biologists could be targeted. Prime areas included high-tech and science research corridors, medical facilities and academic campuses. Ark Marketing then determined the most cost-effective media outlets to reach the key target audience in these areas.

Ark Marketing research concluded that the most significant points were Cambridge and also Kendall Square, in Cambridge where many more biomedical and biotech companies were located. Other clusters in or near Boston, included the Longwood Medical area, Watertown, Route 128 Corridor (Waltham, Woburn, Lexington and Bedford). Boston has 7 major research universities in the molecular biology industry. Harvard and MIT are ranked #1 and #2 as the best graduate schools and, Massachusetts General also has a very large presence and is affiliated with Harvard. Other big research players include various pharmaceutical companies, the Research Technology Institute, Genzyme Genetics and The Broad Institute.

Ark Marketing recommended and placed a variety of outdoor and interior signage that included different sized billboards, rotating bulletins, platform posters, subway interior cards and giant wallscapes. Most were positioned in and around the prime target areas to reach and make the greatest number of impressions on commuters traveling in and around the Boston area.


The Boston campaign significantly increased awareness for Ion Torrent in the next generation sequencer market. Total awareness gained 7% in Boston after the campaign, while most other brands declined.

Compared to Illumina, Ion Torrent’s relative voice-share increased by 12%. Results demonstrate the Boston marketing tactics were effective at capturing eyeballs. Relative to the National results, 8% more Boston respondents recalled seeing an advertisement for Ion Torrent.

Among those exposed to the Boston campaign online, in journals or subways, a little more than half recognized seeing the Ion Torrent advertising. One in three recognized the message (or parts thereof), communicated in the campaign. In their totality, these results demonstrate that the Boston marketing campaign had a measurable and significant impact on elevating the Ion Torrent brand in the NGS market.

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